Turning Ideas into Reality

Our Company has been present and operating in Colombia for almost 6 decades.

Ferrostaal has been present in Colombia for almost 60 years, participating actively in the major important projects within the industrial and infrastructure sectors, thanks to the confidence that our customers and suppliers have in our company.

In 1955, we began to work providing different types of machinery, equipment and power plants with major strengths in areas such as governmental and water solutions. Nowadays, we are dedicated to offering an integral high level of customer oriented service to them. Throughout the years we accumulated the knowledge and know-how of the local need which has transformed us into a solid company.

Our Headquarters are located in Bogotá, Colombia´s capital from where we give coverage to our customers’ needs nationwide, with highly qualified personnel.

Currently, we achieve our business goals with 24 employees, taking a significant presence in the main industrial sectors in our country.